Queensland is indeed a lovely place to breed Cavoodle puppies.  Our parent dogs enjoy the climate and they love spending time mixing with us and each other.  Our parent dogs are a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Miniature Poodles.  This means our Cavoodle puppies are highly desirable first generation Cavoodles.


Geordie is our male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  He is a beautiful, sweet, gentle boy.  He loves people and is very playful towards the puppies.  Geordie is the father to all our puppies.  He loves to be involved in playful games with the family and the poodles.  He is wonderful with children, young teenagers and the elders.  He is also very protective of the family, including his girlfriends.  He loves to be out walking.


Amber is an intelligent, beautifully natured apricot female miniature poodle.  Like all pooddles, she just loves the water.  Playing games with others, or just loving to have lots of cuddles.  She will play games with any age group and loves to be taken out for walks.


Patches is a friendly female dog.  She is a phantom coloured miniature poodle.  She loves racing around with her soft toys encouraging the others to chase and join in.  They love stealing the toy and starting the game all over again.  She also loves the water and her walks.


Velvet is a pretty black female miniature poodle.  She loves to be scratched behind the ears.  She is the first dog to let you know when someone arrives.  She recognises the family's cars and her bark changes when it is a stranger's car.  Like the others, she loves the water and is always joining in with the others when the games begin.